EG TRM Champs 2014Trampoline gymnasts of the Edenvale based Gym Masters Gymnasts and Masters Gymnasts Clubs took part in the East Gauteng Trampoline Championships on 26 July. The competition, which took place in Kibler Park, served as a qualifying competition in the trampolinists? bid to progress to the Zone Championships and eventually to the annual South African Gymnastics Games.

Trampoliners competed in a variety of Double-Mini and Euro trampoline events. Many of the gymnasts competed in a combination of two trampolines, and in various levels and age groups. Once again, the clubs? gymnasts made up one of the biggest teams at the competition.

The competitors who qualified will take part in the Zone Championship in late August, another step in their qualification to the South African Gymnastic Games, which is to take place in Cape Town in early October.