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The Masters Gymnasts Club, in cooperation with Gym Masters Gymnasts Club, offers high performance coaching in trampoline gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics as a sport and health program in Ekurhuleni for youngsters from different backgrounds. In addition to coaching, the head coaches, Dmitry and Alexander Demianenko, are experienced judges in the trampoline and acrobatic gymnastic disciplines. Would you like to know more about your coaches, please

Plus Optix

Visual care for children from as young as 6 months old

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Physiotherapy Bedfordview

Treatment, rehabilitation and managementand of ALL musculoskeletal conditions and injuries

Every coach of our gym is passionate about what they do. Teaching skills is our priority, but more importantly, we teach our gymnasts life skills such as communicating with friends and coaches, respecting one another and working together as a team. Through this practice, many children become more self-confident and goal orientated. In other words The Champions in life! The change in kids has been noticed by their teachers at schools as well as by their parents.

Hard to believe? Just come and try it out. The trial lesson is free of charge.

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