SA Gym Games 2014 1Gymnasts of ?Gym Masters Gymnasts and Masters Gymnasts Clubs took part in the annual South African Gymnastics Games in Bellville, Cape Town from 3-12 October.?The clubs were well represented, making up a large portion of the Eastern Gauteng representation, both in the acrobatics and trampoline disciplines.?The gymnasts showed their quality, the process racking up numerous medals, with the gold medal winners earning the title of South African Champion. The trampoline gymnasts won a total of six gold, four silver and seven bronze medals. In the acrobatic gymnastics events, seven groups won their categories and six groups achieved second place, which equated to 17 gold and 13 silver medals.?The gymnasts who competed in the SA Gymnastics Games had to go through various qualifying competitions in order to earn the right to compete in the Games.

The gymnasts practice at the Highway Gardens Community Centre and are coached by the Demianenko family and assisted by Michelle Sharples, Sarah Tyler and Chloe Metcalfe.