Acrobats of the Edenvale based Gym Masters Gymnasts and Masters Gymnasts Clubs competed in the Indo-Pacific Championship and SA Invitational competition that were held at the Superbowl in Sun City, North West.Mixed pair of Bongani Zim and Chelsea Mofsowitz competed in the FIG 13-19 age group, whilst ladies pairs of Gemma Calitz and Taylor Ryan, as well as Sarah Rusch and Lisa Klopper competed in the 9-16 age category.This was a unique opportunity for the acrobats to perform in a world class venue, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable experience to build on to greater achievements.

The gymnasts train at the Highway Gardens Community Centre in Edenvale and are coached by the Demianenko family and assisted by Michelle Sharples and Sarah Tyler.

On the photo (with the Valley of the Waves and The Palace in the background)

From left to right: Taylor Ryan (top) and Gemma Calitz (base); Chelsea Mofsowitz (top) and Bongani Zim (base); coach Alex Demianenko; and Lisa Klopper (top) and Sarah Rusch (base).